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  • American “Bodhi-Meditation Therapy” in Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation
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    “Bodhi-Meditation Therapy”, a Buddhist health-cultivating method, originated from ancient Tailand, gradually gained popularity among folks. It was introduced to Europe and North America in 20th century.

    The therapy requires a tranquil and beautiful environment. By combining muscle-relaxing and blood-flow-promoting body movements with wonderful meditations, “Bodhi-Meditation Therapy” can trigger stable and beneficial excitatory stimulations on the cerebral cortex. This in turn contributes to the establishment of benign physiological excited areas that are beneficial to the functions of the cerebrum and the subcortical center, thus suppressing or eliminating the previous malignant pathological excited areas. By regulating the functions of the cerebrum and the sucortical center, “Bodhi-Meditation Therapy” works well in health-cultivation and disease prevention.

    In the United States, “Bodhi-Meditation Therapy” has been applied to cancer treatment, cancer rehabilitation, and various internal and neuropsychological diseases with promising results.


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