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    How Does Meditation Therapy Kill Cancer Cells
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    It is common to see cancer patients suffering from malnutrition, depression, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, reduced immune system, and whole-body or local pains. Meditation therapy combined with other integrative cancer treatments can delay the onset of these symptoms and put off other treatments, such as chemotherapy, and maintain a high quality of life.

    According to relevant studies done in America, after undergoing 3-month to 6-month systematic meditation therapy, cancer patients showed enhanced immune system, increased CK cell numbers, CK cell activities, white blood cells and granular cells, improved bone marrow haematopoietic functions, resolved anemia, active digestive enzyme system functions, normalized pancreatic endocrine and salivary gland secretion functions, improved appetite, increased weight, and significantly relieved local and whole-body pains. In addition, the patients’ mental well-being was also improved. They became more stable emotionally, and their insomnia, anxiety and depression were much relieved. Those patients who underwent meditation therapy combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy experienced far less toxic side effects. Over all, meditation therapy worked well in cancer rehabilitation with a 93℅ effectiveness rate.

    In America, meditation therapy in clinical cancer rehabilitation has achieved promising results. We once talked to a 77-year old cancer patient named Poti in America. 4 years ago, she underwent surgery and 5 courses of chemotherapy for her lung cancer, after which she suffered from fatigue, anemia, loss of weight and whole-body pain. Obviously, standard treatments did not work well for her cancer. She then started meditation therapy in May, 2010. She has been doing great ever since. She can take care of herself in daily life. The general pain she used to feel is gone. Her rosy cheeks are particularly noteworthy. She did checkups recently, and the results didn’t show any signs of metastases. Her lung functions have much improved. “Meditation therapy indeed has given me back my health and a second life,” Said Poti with emotions.

    Meditation therapy falls into the category of natural therapies. Years of international clinical studies have demonstrated its effects in cancer rehabilitation. It is easy to learn and non-toxic, with a wide range of indications. Meditation therapy is very similar to Qigong in traditional Chinese medicine. They are the two treasures in natural medicine.



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