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    Cancer Treatment with Heat: Hyperthermia Give a New Hope for Cancer Patients
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    Oncological hyperthermia has been under continuous study and it has been witnessing a rapid development in recent years. It has now become one of the major cancer treatments along with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biologically targeted therapy. Clinical applications in recent years have demonstrated its significant efficacy in suppressing cancer metastases and relapses when working with chemotherapy and other therapies synergistically.

    However, hyperthermia has not been widely practiced partly due to a lack of education among Chinese people. In comparison, there has been a relatively more promising recognition of hyperthermia in foreign countries especially in developed countries such as Germany and America. As a safe and effective complementary cancer treatment, hyperthermia can be applied along with various treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine.
    Dr. Clifford L.K. Pang, the Chairman of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society, has been long engaged in the study of integrative oncology. “There simply is no single treatment that can cure cancer, nor can hyperthermia provide a cure for cancer,” Said Dr. Clifford Pang. “In reality, integrative treatments are usually applied for cancer, for instance, hyperthermia is usually combined with surgery, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine.” According to Dr. Pang, hyperthermia combined with radiotherapy can kill the cancer cells that are in the center of the tumor more effectively (cancer cells in the center are usually not as sensitive to radiotherapy), it can also be applied along with chemotherapy and this combination can reduce chemo-related toxic side effects. In addition, Dr. Pang pointed out that hyperthermia works effectively for superficial tumors such as breast cancer and skin cancer, and has special effects in relieving advanced-cancer-related chronic pain.

    Hyperthermia indeed has multiple roles to play in the war against cancer.



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