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    Relevant studies have shown that 66℅ of cancer patients suffer from depression, 10℅ from athopia, and 8℅ from obsessive-compulsive disorder. 80℅ of cancer patients die during recuperation time rather than when undergoing treatments. Patients may experience common emotional issues such as guilt, feelings of loss of control, anger, sadness, confusion, fear, anxiety, mood disturbance, fear of recurrence, concerns about their body image, issues with communication with others, and other problems with family members. Over all, psychological disorders are commonly seen among cancer patients.

    After undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other conventional treatments, cancer patients usually start to suffer from more psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, fear of recurrence and metastases. This greatly affects cancer patients’ survival and quality of life. It is reported that mental breakdowns have led to one fourth of the post-treatment cancer relapses and metastases. Therefore, it is quite essential to manage cancer patients’ emotional issues for a better prognosis and longer survival.

    Here in Clifford Hospital, we combine TCM-Music-Background Psychotherapy with various other non-toxic integrative treatments (i.e., traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese massage, medicinal food therapy, kinesitherapy, nutritional therapy, medical ozone therapy, chelation and IV mega dose antioxidants) in the management of cancer patients’ emotional disorders.

    TCM-Music-Background Psychotherapy is based on the philosophical thoughts found in traditional Chinese medicine and oriental philosophy. The music is made specifically according to the theory of five elements in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). During the therapy, the doctors and the patients are usually engaged in conversation, interview, discussion and debate to find out the underlying information for life, health, disease and treatment while the music is played in the background. This can help the patients regain confidence and build up mutual trusts with their doctors. In addition, the music given during the therapy can help the patients relax the muscles, increase red blood cells and oxygen intake, and enhance white blood cells’ and immune cells’ effects. This in turn can enhance cancer patients’ immune system and help in their fights against cancer.

    TCM-Music-Background Psychotherapy combines meditative music, meridian doctrine, life-cultivation, biological feedback, hypnosis, breathing-relaxing exercise and various other conventional and modern life-cultivation techniques. The emphasis is on the regulation of breathing, relaxation of the body, and the meditation with abdominal respiration, guided by musical languages. The aim of the therapy is to relieve patients’ depression, boost vital energy flow, promote blood circulation, soften the lesions, and detoxify the human body. One key for the therapy is that the patients need to remain relaxed and cheerful during the therapy.

    TCM-Music-Background Psychotherapy combined with hypnotherapy applies psychological techniques to help the patients reach a state of hypnosis, in which they can overcome their negative thoughts with positive ones. By doing so, the patients’ emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety and fear can be relieved or resolved, thus achieving a balance of the mental and physical well-being.

    TCM-Music-Background Psychotherapy has been applied to cancer patients to help them with their emotional disorders for around 10 years at Clifford Hospital. A large number of relevant studies and clinical practices have demonstrated its unique treatment efficacy in cancer treatment and prevention.

    The TCM Psychological Rehabilitation Department at Clifford Hospital is one of the nation’s key clinical units designated by China's Ministry of Health. Its comprehensive and non-toxic therapies combining Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine have been helping cancer patients worldwide to overcome their emotional disorders with great effectiveness and low costs.


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