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    Dengue Fever Prevention Tips for National Day Holiday
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    Located in the subtropical and temperate zone, Guangdong is a high-risky region for dengue fever. September to November is the peak season for dengue fever outbreaks in Guangdong. According to Local health authorities, about 10,000 dengue fever cases have been confirmed in Guangdong Province recently. With National Day holiday approaching, various celebration activities are held across China or even around the world. Besides celebrations, hundred millions of people are planning their vacation during the Golden Week, which falls from Oct. 1 to 7, to relax or enjoy happiness with family.

    However, travel by closed transport tools, such as airplane, high speed railway and so on, or stay in a room without air circulation could increase the risk of disease infection. Besides, if you are careless about the hygiene condition of food and drinking water, you are more likely to get food-borne disease or even food poisoning.

    Therefore, Doctors from Clifford Hospital remind that the travelers should take the necessary protective measures. Following are several Dengue Fever prevention tips for travelers.

    1. If you planned to travel abroad, consult with local disease control authorities before departure. If possible, try to get more information about the infectious circumstance of your destination.

    2. Wear long-sleeved light clothes and long trousers when traveling in high risk area of dengue fever. In areas where mosquitoes are active, apply insect repellent on the exposed part of the body.

    3. Avoid eating raw seafood and choose qualified drinking water.

    4. Pay attention to personal hygiene. For example, wash your hand frequently and cover nose and mouth with tissue when you sneeze or cough.

    5. If you don’t feel well, especially having a fever, during or after the trip, see a doctor right away and tell him about your traveling experience.

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