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    A special birthday in life, an unforgettable memory in Clifford Hospital
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    In the evening of 3 July, many people was singing and laughing in an ICU ward of Clifford Hospital. They surrounded a foreign lady who had grey hair and a kindly smile, holding a birthday cake and wishing her a happy birthday. The elderly lady was very happy with every one. For her, it was a very special birthday as one month ago her family was worried that she might not celebrate this birthday.

    The old lady, who is from Melbourne, Australia, was Margaret, 82 years old. She came to Guangzhou with her family for traveling in May, but one day she suddenly felt chest tightness, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Immediately, Margaret was taken to an ICU of a hospital in Guangzhou, where she required resuscitation. After recovery, she was transferred to the VIP ward of Clifford Hospital. In here, Margaret had a good rest and was looked after well because there was no language barrier, the ward was quiet and comfortable, services are considerate and nearly 50 food dishes including Chinese, western, Japanese and Korean are available.

    On 11 June, Margaret’s condition suddenly got worse: breath shortness, blood oxygen saturation decreased. She was transferred to the ICU, where the doctors and nurses to resuscitation. Once Margaret’s condition was stabilized and controlled, her breathing and blood oxygen saturation gradually returned to normal.

    Margaret’s daughter who was in Melbourne, when knowing Margaret’s condition flew immediately to Guangzhou and came to Clifford Hospital to accompany her every day. After over 20 days of treatment, Margaret’s condition improved and was out of danger and getting better. But her birthday was coming soon, her homesickness was becoming stronger. Lying on the bed, she wished to fly to Australia, back to home in Melbourne, and celebrate her birthday with her children and grandchildren together.

    In the evening of 3 July, when Margaret was feeling low for her 82-year birthday, the door of her ward opened: “ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...” the nurses of ICU were singing and holding a birthday cake with candles, coming to Margaret’s bed to celebrate her birthday together. Margaret was so surprised, laughing like a child. She could not believe that she would be sent to hospital during overseas travel, but survived from this sudden illness and then so many nurses like angels surrounding her and celebrating her birthday in such an unfamiliar city. She was so happy and said that it was an unforgettable birthday in her life!

    Margaret’s daughter also came to the ICU. When she saw her mother who joyfully shared the cake with nurses who took photos for her, she said that not only the nurses and doctors at Clifford Hospital are skilled and professional, but also the services here are considerate and warm, even a patient’s birthday is considered. She felt very delighted when she saw her mother was so happy.

    Now, Margaret has recovered and gone back to Australia. She was reluctant to leave, as she was so thankful for Clifford Hospital’s medical and nursing staffs enthusiasm and superb medical technology, and would cherish her friendship with the Guangzhou people. She said, this Guangzhou visit will remain in her memory forever.

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