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    Herbal Medicine Formula- A Great Way for Nutritional Therapy in Winter
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    Where To Buy Abortion Pill

    Abortive Pill Buy Abortion Pill Pregnancy Termination

    Where To Buy Abortion Pill

    Abortive Pill Buy Abortion Pill Pregnancy Termination


    Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that winter is the season for preservation and storage. Consuming herbal tonics and herbal medicines based on one’s individual physical condition can boost their health. In China, herbal medicine formula (Chinese: 膏方; pinyin: gaofang) has long been a unique way for nutritional therapy in winter.

    Gaofang is a classic form of traditional Chinese medicine with over two-thousand-year history. Gao means herbal paste and fang is short for prescription (Chinese: 处方; pinyin: chufang ). Gaofang is a liquid medicine originally kept in pot. Moreover, gaofang is made from several herbal ingredients and it is effective in strengthening immunity, preventing diseases and nourishing health. Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient prescriptions are adopted to develop the Gaofang at Clifford Hospital. Gaofang is benefitial for many people such as people in sub-healthy condition, children with anorexia, anemia, persistent cough and recurrent respiratory tract infection, woman with menstrual disorder and patients with chronic diseases.

    Here is the process of making gaofang at Clifford Hospital.

    Step1: Soak the herbs in cool water for over one hour.   


     Step 2: Boil the herbs in the medicine-decocting cooker. 


    Step 3: Extract the herbal liquid and filter out the impurity.

    Step 4: Concentrate the herbal liquid by decocting.

    Step 5: Boil the precious herbs such as Ginseng and American ginseng, and then combine them with the previous concentrated herbal liquid.

    Step 6: Add powder of precious herb and supplementary ingredients such as honey and donkey-hide gelatin to the herbal liquid so as to thicken it into paste. It is the most important part of making herbal paste.      


    Step 7: Cool the herbal paste, which aims to get rid of internal heat caused by the long-time decoction.                            

    Clifford Hospital are holding a Gaofang-offering event from November 15th, 2014 to March 15th, 2015. At the event, you can get a personalized Gaofang prescription from our professional TCM doctors, who apply traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic method during the consultation. Besides, high-quality herbal ingredients are chosen for your exclusive Gaofang.

    Venue: Gaofang Clinic of the Nephrology department, the 1st floor of Outpatient Lobby of Clifford Hospital

    Transportation Tips:
    1. You can take Metro line 3 to the Hanxi Changlong station and transfer to bus No.10B to Clifford Estates bus terminal. Then take the shuttle bus No.7 to Clifford Hospital.
    2. You can take the Clifford Estates shuttle bus at Garden Hotel and then transfer to shuttle bus No.7 to Clifford Hospital.




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