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    Clifford Hospital and Chinatown Education Held the Chinese Corner Activity on Topic “ See a doctor”
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    Clifford Hospital and Chinatown Education held the Chinese Corner Activity on the topic ”seeking a doctor” in the Science Park of Sun Yet-sen University on Nov. 13th, 2014. International students from ten countries, including Thailand, Turkey, Columbia, Korea and Russia attended this activity.

    At the beginning, Miss Meng from Chinatown Education shared her story with the students. It was at 5 a.m. on an early morning when Miss Meng received a call from a Zimbabwe student. This student was suffering from asthma attack and he could do nothing but ask his Chinese teacher Miss Meng for help since he knew little about Chinese medical services. With the aids of Miss Meng, the Zimbabwe student sought the medical care in time. Inspired by Miss Meng, students also shared their stories of seeing a doctor in Guangzhou. Many said they found it difficult to see a doctor in Guangzhou because of language barrier, cultural difference and little information about hospital.

    Knowing about the international students’ problem, Miss Meng decided to teach some common Chinese phrases and sentences on how to see a doctor to the students. All the phrases and sentences are in Chinese and English version, such as register (pinyin: Guahao, Chinese:挂号), fever (pinyin:fashao, Chinese:发烧) etc. Miss Meng also introduced Clifford Hospital through a PowerPoint presentation to the students, which aimed to make students more aware of this noteworthy Chinese hospital and its admission procedure.

    Miss Meng further introduced the difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine to the students and explained yin-yang theory and the five-element theory in an interesting way. The Chinese Corner came to a climax when they were playing the game “Who is the Spy”. All the students enjoyed themselves very much.

    At the end of Chinese Corner activity, every student received a special gift and pamphlet from Clifford Hospital. The students thought this special Chinese Corner activity was funny and meaningful and they learnt more about TCM culture and Chinese phrases and sentences on how to see a doctor. They also came to know that Clifford Hospital, an international hospital, would be a good choice for their health care.

    ♦Clifford Hospital is the first Chinese hospital accredited by Joint Commission International
    ♦Clifford Hospital is a National Grade "Triple-A" TCM Hospital
    ♦Clifford Hospital is a well-known TCM Hospital of Guangdong
    ♦Clifford Hospital is the first batch of foreign medical service hospitals of Guangzhou

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