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    Integrative Therapy, New Trend of Cancer Treatment
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    Feb 4th is the World Cancer Day. A report published by WHO predicts that cancer cases are expected to surge by 57% worldwide in the next two decades, and it also warns that the world is facing a “tidal wave” of cancer, which has already become an imminent “human disaster”.

    WHO data predicts new cancer cases will increase from 14 million in 2012 to 22 million within two decades. Meanwhile, cancer deaths are predicted to increase from 8.2 million to 13 million per year. Cancer is now the most deadly disease for human beings in the world.

    How to combat the menacing cancer? People recall three traditional therapies immediately: surgery,radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, these three therapies have a huge damage to human body; especially the potential poisonous effects. Many people cannot stand the agony caused by the treatment. Additionally, modern research finds out that tumor is a chronic systemic disease which results from multiple factors; therefore, the integrative treatment is the only choice for curing cancer. In the recent decade, Clifford Hospital initiates a new non-toxic integrative cancer treatment which includes traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and natural therapy. This treatment is playing a significant role in treating cancer.

    According to L. K. Pang, Director of Guangdong Clifford Hospital, cancer integrative therapy is very popular in academic circles in recent years.

    Dr. L. K. Pang explains that the non-toxic integrative treatment is a mix of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and natural therapy, with over 20 treatments.

    The clinical practice of Clifford Hospital proved that the Non-toxic Integrative Therapy not only can treat the cancer effectively, but also can prevent the cancer from recurring, expanding and transferring. For patients in middle or late stage, it can improve the patients’ life quality and their life could be extended. Some patients can live with tumor in a long-period. Compared with traditional surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the Cancer Non-toxic Integrative Treatment has many advantages, such as non-toxic side effect, non- traumatic and safety.

    The Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatment has helped thousands of patients regain a relatively normal life. Most of them are terminal cancer patients.

    Gregory is a cancer patient from Australia. He was diagnosed as Tonsillar Neoplasms. The local physician announced that no medical treatment was available for him, because he was in the terminal stage. Gregory was asked to recuperate at home. However, Gregory determined to fight with his cancer. He was cured by Clifford Hospital in early October, 2014. After medical examination, the doctor found a 20 cm tumor with a bleeding wound on his left neck. After the medical ozone therapy, hyperthermia, chelation therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, his tumor shrunk obviously.

    A 67 years old Korean prostate cancer patient, who strongly resisted radiotherapy and chemotherapy, went to Clifford Hospital for treatment upon his friends’ introduction in January last year. His illness had already reached mid-late stage. After three months’ treatment of Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatment, the tumor shrunk gradually. Examinations found that various kinds of tumor signals have indicated he had been cured. He remains has regular consolidation treatment and no tumor recurrence or metastasis during the reexamination.

    According to Clifford Hospital, the treatments had given some patients more than 5 years’ life time. It is a new option for fighting cancer.


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