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    No Fear of Cancer! New website of Oncology Center is launched
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    A new official website (http://cancer.cliffordhospital.com ) of the Oncology Center at Clifford Hospital is launched! It is now very convenient for the overseas cancer suffers to learn about Clifford Hospital’s cancer treatments, medical technology, and research, teaching and international services. The new website is user friendly and designed for new and existing patients and much more improved than the previous website in terms of content, vision and user’s browsing experience.

    The content and information provided is richer, more completed and detailed. The website introduces not only western therapies such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc, but also over 20 therapies of non-toxic integrative cancer treatments so as to provide more choices and hope for extended life for cancer patients. Additionally, the website introduces symptoms, causes, treatments and typical cases of 20 types of cancer including lung cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer etc., an excellent guide for patients. The hospitals group of superb professional medical experts is introduced giving their clinical title, position; advanced treatments and technology available are included in the website.

    The new website makes it easier for the patients to find out what type of cancer they concern by clicking different vivid interactive icons.

     Click any expert’s profile, and you will find the detail below the expert.

    In terms of vision, it is clean and modern. With comfortable and harmonious style, abstract medical concept pictures and flat design interface, the website brings people surprise and freshness to the user. Each column of guideline on the top header clearly delivers all the topics of the whole website. Instead of normal HOME button, Clifford Hospital’s LOGO is set on the middle of guideline. In addition, the design of columns for Treatment , Typical Cases and Services, highlights the focus of Oncology Center, and benefits for the users to address concerns they may have in a timely manner. The icons on the middle of home page, express websites designer’s creativity, by creating convenience of the use functions of Find a Doctor, Make an Appointment and Search.

    New design of home page of Oncology Center, exciting new internet surfing experience

    For the user’s easier browsing experience, it is more convenient to locate the information that they are seeking. The unique open window concept helps users concentrate on the subject matter they are interested in, so that other irrelevant information does not distract their search. For people who do not have good computing skills, the new design will be helpful for them in browsing the website. In addition, there are some Share buttons at the bottom of the page, which are beneficial to share the articles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. If you want to refer a patient to Clifford Hospital, you can complete the form, Refer a Patient and then send it to us. Also, if you have any questions or comments regarding our medical technology, treatments and services, please complete the form Feedback and let us know it.

     Unique window, more convenient for users to browse web page

    In addition the exciting new website now contains more functions, information and videos which is more informative for the patients to have a better understanding about the Oncology Center of Clifford Hospital and cancer treatments.

    Explore it straight away ! The website will help you have: No fear of cancer!




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