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       Magneto-Electric Biofeedback Therapy
      An Overview

    The device used for magneto-electric biofeedback therapy in Clifford hospital is imported from Germany. Equipped with the most advanced digital technology and the cutting-edge German medical device manufacturing techniques, it manifests the latest development of bioresonance development worldwide. So far, it has been accredited by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Certification Europe (CE), the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), as well as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The manufacturer of the device is also a cooperative partner of the International Anti-Aging Society.

      The Effects of Magneto-Electric Biofeedback Therapy

    1. Pain reduction: soft tissue, chronic and acute injury of the joint, retrogression, spinal column and intervertebral disc pain, neuropathic pain, vascular pain, postoperative pain, cancer pain…
    2. Healing: promote the healing of the wound, as well as the functional reconstruction of the damaged tissues and cells.
    3. Stress alleviation: repair the damage of the neuroendocrine and immune systems, rebuild a healthy physiological functional model, thus relieving the anxiety, stress, and insomnia.
    4. Metabolism regulation: promote the nutrition production, supply and absorption, the elimination of the toxic substances, and boost the healing ability of the repair mechanisms, which in turns could help with disease prevention, disease control, and anti-aging.

      Magneto-Electric Biofeedback Therapy could activate the self regulation of the cell epimatrix, enhance human bodies’ self healing ability, thus maintaining a dynamic balance of metabolism. Magneto-Electric Biofeedback Therapy has the following advantages:
    1.Regulate blood pressure, promote blood circulation and stabilize circulatory system.
    2.Anti-aging: regulate the secretion of the DHEA and Cortisol, while increase the secretion of the anti-aging hormone; increase the endorphins secretion which in turn could improve patients’ mental well-being; relieve the stress-associated anorexia and dyspepsia.
    3.Promote the brain wave switch to alpha or beta, thus relieving the anxiety and stress, and improving sleep quality of the middle-aged and the elderly.
    4.Reduce the infection rate, enhance the tissues’ self-healing ability, which in turn would decrease the use of antibiotics.
    5.Scavenge the free radical, in particular the heavy metal, thus detoxifying the human body.
    6.Regulate the metabolic balance.
    7.Infantile autism
    8.Reduce the adverse effects of the earth gravity and electromagnetic pressure to human body.
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