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    Hyperthermia Chelation and IV mega dose antioxidants Medical Ozone Treatment Cryosurgery
    Magneto-Electric Biofeedback Therapy Stem Cell Therapy
    Natural Therapies:    
    TCM, Acupuncture, Coffee Enema Therapy , Nutrition Therapy, More
       Nutrition Therapy
    Clinical TCM Massage
    Indications: Neck, shoulder, low back and leg pain, fatigue, etc.
    Moxibustion with Moxa Roll
    Indications: mastitis, prostatitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, pelvic inflammation, etc.
    Music Therapy
    Indications: all kinds of chronic internal, gynecological, pediatrics diseases
    Light Bath
    Functions: Removing internal toxins, beautifying, figure-shaping, weight loss, dispelling fatigue
    Small Needle Scalpel Therapy
    Indications: Various kinds of pains
    Fire and Chinese Alcohol Massage Therapy
    Indications: rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, deficiency-cold diseases, etc
    Hydro-Acupuncture Therapy
    Indications: peripheral nerve injury, cerebral palsy, deficiency syndrome, etc.
    Blood Letting Therapy
    Indications: hyperpyrexia, heat stroke, acute infantile convulsion, poisoning, etc.
    Exercise Therapy
    Indications: stroke and other neurological diseases
    Catgut Embedding Therapy
    Indications: chloasma, weight loss, intractable pain, etc.
    Bee Sting Therapy
    Indications: rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, low immunity, allergies, etc.
    Auricular Pressure Therapy
    Indications: various kinds of pains, allergic diseases, etc.
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