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       Chelation and IV mega dose antioxidants

    As the world environment pollution situation is becoming increasingly severe, the air, soil and food sources which we rely on have been contaminated by heavy metals and other toxins. This phenomenon causes a build-up of toxins such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic within human body. As time goes by, this build-up of toxins can cause atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular disease, dementia and cancer and so on without any prognostic symptom. Even a healthy person also produces toxins through metabolism. Hence, removing toxins and supplementing with nutrients are the keys to a healthy and long life.

      Clifford Hospital Chelation and Rejuvenation Center is currently the only one in China that utilizes IV infusion to cooperate with an Australian medical group, the Center follows international standards and uses overseas-trained and accredited chelation specialists to tailor personalized treatment plans according to individual conditions.
      Advantages of Chelation and IV Mega Dose Antioxidants

    1.Toxin-eliminating medications as well as the multiple nutrient supplements would be injected intravenously into human body. Professional nurses perform the treatment procedures to give chelation drugs and supply essential nutrients by using the latest IV techniques, e.g., IV infusion pumps and IV catheters.

    2.TCM health maintenance methods and theory of syndrome differentiation are integrated within our treatment.

    3.Free oxygen therapy, music therapy, Clifford health rejuvenation tea and beverages are provided, making the treatment process an enjoyable experience.

      Treatment Ranges
      According to the latest research, the occurrence and progression of tumors is related to an increase of toxic elements (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, etc.) and a decrease of beneficial elements (zinc, selenium, etc.) within the body. At the same time, tumors could threaten human life by producing poisonous substances. By removing toxins from the body and replenishing beneficial elements and vitamins, the inhibition of the growth of tumor and curative effects of medication will be enhanced.

    Arteriosclerosis and vascular stenosis are caused by sedimentation of harmful substances on vascular wall, resulting in hardening, lost of elasticity, narrowing and even vascular blockage. If the cerebral arteries are affected, a cerebrovascular accident may occur, leading to stroke or paralysis. If the cardiac arteries are affected, cardiac ischemia or myocardial infarction may be inevitable. If the peripheral arteries are affected, symptoms such as cool extremities and walk asthenia and amputation could occur. It is mostly commonly found in the population that has diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smokers or people above 60 years old.

    By removing “waste” products from blood vessels, they can be kept unblocked, thus avoiding coronary by-pass surgery or improving the long-term protective efficacy of the surgery.

      High Heavy Metal Levels of the Body
      The worsened environmental pollution causes a build-up of toxins such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic within the body. Removing toxins in time is the key that leads to a healthy and long life.
      Sub Healthy Status
      The modern life style leads to a gradual increase of sub healthy state in the white collar class. The body’s metabolic wastes (toxins) increase causes problems such as general aching, fatigue, insomnia, haggard appearance, etc. Getting rid of toxins from your body can rejuvenate your body and help you regain energy.
      Hypertension, Hypercoagulation, Hyperuricemia
      These three kinds of diseases have, in common, increased toxin accumulation in body. By eliminating toxins, risk of harm to human health can be decreased, and other serious diseases can be prevented.
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