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    Natural Therapies:    
    TCM, Acupuncture, Coffee Enema Therapy , Nutrition Therapy, More
       Natural Therapies
      Natural Therapies

    Natural medicine has evolved along with human social evolution. It started by using primitive natural methods, natural medication and traditional health maintenance. Now, natural medicine has become an encompassing discipline of the medical field. It exists in a variety of substances and forms such as light, sound, water, electricity, air, soil, flowers and fruits, magnets, cold, heat and son on that can be used directly or indirectly for human disease prevention and cure. It is based on the yin and yang therapy, and the concept of whole-body balancing. It takes full advantage of what natural environment provides, to stimulate the body to resist and cure diseases, and be rehabilitated.

    The practical side of natural medicine is natural therapy. Natural therapies have a wide scope of applications in the treatment of various diseases. They are generally simple, safe, effective, economical and practical, with little or no toxic side effects. Common-used natural therapies are such as acupuncture, scraping of the skin, massage, qigong, music, sound, water, and light therapies. Natural therapies do not rely on chemical drugs or surgeries, in order to avoid toxin accumulation, and body trauma.

    The Clifford International Natural Medicine Centre is the largest center of its kind in Asia. The centre is equipped with various physiotherapy equipmet and apparatus of an international level. There is a highly experienced and professional medical team consisting of over 60 medical staff who has been engaged in various natural therapies such TCM, TCM Tuina Massage, Acupuncture, Moxibustion with Moxa Roll , Cutaneous Scraping therapy, Meridian Diagnosis, Hydro-Acupuncture Therapy, Bee-Sting Therapy, Fire and Chinese Alcohol Massage Therapy, TCM fire Cupping, Infrared Ray plus Herbal Paste Therapy, Rehabilitative Training, Buddhism “One-Finger” Massage, Wax Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Medical Qigong, Electrotherapy, Herbal Fumigation, Yoga, Wooden Tub Herbal Bath, Cold Moxibustion, Music Therapy…

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