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       What is Coffee Enema Therapy?

    Coffee enema therapy history dates back to 2 thousand years ago. During the First World War, due to the scarcity of anesthesia, coffee enema was used by the German army to alleviate postoperative pain. Later on, medical specialists found that coffee enema not only could relieve pain, but could promote liver detoxification as well.

    Coffee enema therapy is not much different from other enema therapies. In Clifford Hospital, we use high-equality coffee imported from Canada to ensure the safety and effectiveness.

      The Mechanism of Coffee Enema Therapy

    1. The glutathione synthase is one of the most important enzymes for liver detoxification and free radical expulsion. Since caffeine could promote the glutathione synthase secretion, coffee enema therapy is capable of promoting liver detoxification and free radical expulsion.

    2. Caffeine and theophylline contained in the coffee could dilate the blood vessels of the intestinal walls, thus alleviating the enteritis.

    3. The coffee could clean the large intestines adjacent to anus where harmful bacteria multiply and constipation is formed.

    Coffee enema therapy could remove liver toxin discharge, thus protecting liver function.

      Sub-health, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, hypohepatia, cancer

    Pregnant women, youngsters, the unconscious, or those who suffer from symptoms such as hemorrhoidal bleeding and poor general health are not fit to take the treatment.

      High Heavy Metal Levels of the Body
      The worsened environmental pollution causes a build-up of toxins such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic within the body. Removing toxins in time is the key that leads to a healthy and long life.
      The Effect of the Coffee Enema Therapy
      1. To increase the beneficial bacterium and maintain the intestinal bacteria balance, thus relieving constipation.
    2. To resolve various allergy symptoms such as urticaria
    3. To promote blood and lymph circulation, thus resolving skin problems
    4. To boost metabolism, which in turn could help the people with obesity to control their body weight.
    5. To detoxify, thus relieving various symptoms including chronic fatigue, headache, and shoulder pain.
    6. To improve liver function and the general condition.
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