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    Natural Therapies:    
    TCM, Acupuncture, Coffee Enema Therapy , Nutrition Therapy, More
       Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
      Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") is an integral part of Chinese culture. With its unique diagnostic methods, holistic approach, abundant historical literatures and materials, TCM has made great contributions to human health and prosperity in the world. It has attracted worldwide attention. Now, TCM is being used in providing medical and health services around the world. It has been well recognized for its remarkable effectiveness in minimizing and resolving the chemo-related and radio-related side effects caused by cancer treatment in the western medical system.
      Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    It has been well documented that TCM could work well for a wide range of chronic conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, obesity, Bell's palsy, chemo-resistant late stage cancer, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, chronic fatigue and stroke rehabilitation. It could also help in preventing a disease from people, enhance their quality of life, and prolong their lives.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine has the following advantages:

      ● Holistic approach
    ● Disease prevention
    ● Emphasis of self-care
    ● Special efficacy in treating chronic diseases, geriatric diseases and various other difficult and complicated diseases
    ● Simple, safe, effective, cost effective and practical
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