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    Huang’s Story:Living a Wonderful Life after Curing Psoriasis
    Mr.Huang, a Hongkong citizen, had been suffering from psoriasis since he was eight. Huang’s psoriasis ran in the family and he had struggled with it for 20 years. During this time, Huang hadn’t found an effective treatment so he never wore a short - sleeved T ...Read more
    Shana’s Story: How to Make Cancer Treatment Enjoyable
    Shana came all the way from Mauritius to our hospital in January 2014 to take non-toxic integrative cancer treatments for her locally advanced breast cancer after some unpleasant experiences in standard cancer treatment. ...Read more

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    Lung Cancer: A Malaysian Patient’s Story

    At the end of November 2012, after being told he had untreatable advanced lung cancer, Mr. Lu went to Clifford Hospital with various symptoms including persistent low fever, cough and insomnia. Two months later after receiving the non-toxic integrative cancer ...Read more

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    Kidney Cancer: A Hong Kong Patient’s Story

    As a 61-year-old, I have had many memorable events happening in my life: I have visited different countries, tasted different foods, and experienced different cultures. However, when looking back on it, my hospital stay in Clifford Hospital turns out to be the...Read more

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    Breast Cancer: an American Patient’s Story

    Kathy, a 59-year-old American lady, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She was searching around America for treatments. To her disappointment, everybody was telling her to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was well aware that American ...Read more
    Oral Melanoma: An Indonesian Patient’s Story
    I’m an Indonesian Chinese. During the Chinese Spring Festival of 2009, I found a green-bean like lump on the upper jaw of my mouth. It was growing larger and larger in size. After the Spring Festival, I went to a local hospital for a checkup. I was soon stunne...Read more

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    Primary Brain Tumor : Hai Chun’s Story

    I was doing great with my life. I had a good husband who owned several travel agencies in Hainan. The business was good. We were relatively well-off financially. And most importantly, we loved each other and took good care of each other. We were looking forwar...Read more

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    Thyroid cancer: Wang Shumin’s Story

    I was 34 years old, had a loving husband and a cute three-year-old son. Life was so good. It had never occurred to me that I would get cancer. But you never know what will happen. ...Read more
    Acute Non-lymphatic Leukemia: Zhou Jiadong’s Story
    In March 2006, I started to run recurrent high fever for an unknown reason. I had always been in good health. I went to several hospitals in Guangzhou. Doctors all said I was just having an infection. They gave me injection and infusion, but nothing was workin...Read more
    Nasopharyngeal Cancer : Liang Suibo’s Story
    Back in August 2005, I was only 30 years old. I was still dreaming about a bright future. When suddenly one day, I noticed there was a peanut-look lump on the left side of my neck. Thinking that I was still young and full of vitality, I did not take any action...Read more
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