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    Clifford Hospital is located in a vast and prosperous community that has a garden-like environment. The hospital has employed about 1,000 medical professionals, among them, more 100 are specialists, PhD/Master graduate student mentors and famous traditional Chinese Medicine experts. There are physicians from oversea countries as well.

    Clifford Hospital has three major departments - Outpatient Department, Inpatient Department and Emergency Center. The hospital has more than 40 clinical units equipped with various advanced equipment and apparatus, including specialties of Hyperthermia, TCM, Western Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, and Pediatrics. Among these specialty units, International Natural Medicine Center and Oncology Center have their own unique treatment approach and advantages.

    To provide better healthcare service to the patients from overseas, Clifford Hospital established International Medical Center, International Customer Service Center Inpatient VIP Center. Clifford Hospital aims to provide efficient, high-quality, seamless and unique medical services to all international patients in comply with world standards.

    Clifford Hospital is designated by the Chinese government as a hospital for overseas patients, the consulates general of some foreign counties in Guangzhou have signed medical service agreements with our hospital as well. Clifford Hospital has won widespread recognition among patients from over 60 countries and regions.

    Here in Clifford Hospital, the patient service is characterized by the following advantages:

    ● Whole process serviced by professional nursing/medical staff
    ● Professional health management service
    ● Multi-aspect Customer Service
    ● VIP service

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