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    Nasopharyngeal Cancer : Liang Suibo’s Story


    Back in August 2005, I was only 30 years old. I was still dreaming about a bright future. When suddenly one day, I noticed there was a peanut-look lump on the left side of my neck. Thinking that I was still young and full of vitality, I did not take any action. Unfortunately, the lump kept growing. Urged by my parents and girlfriend who were very anxious and worried about my health issues, I went to several big hospitals in Guangzhou. Doctors all said I was just having an infection. They prescribed me a large quantity of different antibiotics. While I was taking these medicines, the lump was growing larger and larger. We started to realize there must be something serious wrong with my body.

    The Diagnosis

    Recommended by my friends, I went to Clifford Hospital with my girlfriend. Doctors there gave me various diagnostic tests. But the results soon destroyed my life. I had nasopharyngeal cancer with lymph node metastases! It was a total shock to me. That was it. My life was over. I was only 30 years old. I lost my appetite completely. Everyday I was lying in the bed with an overwhelming feeling of sadness, fear and anger. Even in my sleep, I was still restless, and constantly woke up from a horrifying dream in which countless cancer cells were eating up my body like a monster.

    November 30, 2005 has been etched in my memory. On that day, Professor Clifford Pang came to visit me. “Young man, cheer up! We will always be with you fighting against your cancer. We will come out the best treatment plan for you and give you the most effective treatments. Victory is ours as long as we still hold out hope.” Professor Pang’s warm words and smiles immediately cheered me up. It just felt right hearing his confident words and seeing his warm smiles.

    Treatment from Clifford Hospital

    The following day, the expert team made a treatment plan for me, which would last 60 days. They said they would apply both Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine. They gave me parenteral solution plus Bozhi Glycopeptide injection and Shenmai injection. Meanwhile, they also gave me low-dose chemotherapy along with IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy). Doctors told me that IPT could significantly enhance cancer cells’ sensitivity to chemotherapy medicines, and they applied 75-90℅ less chemotherapy medicines than the traditional treatment to destroy cancer cells. By doing so, a much higher response to the treatment and a significant reduction of side effect could be achieved. During the treatments, I didn’t feel any discomfort: no vomiting, no nausea, no hair loss, not even a slight headache.

    Still, I was even more impressed by their comprehensive complementary cancer treatments. They gave me nutrition therapy to restore the essential nutrients, medical Qigong, musical therapy and psychotherapy to improve my physical and mental well-being. My general conditions were improving daily. I no longer suffered from insomnia, and my appetite was growing.

    The Prognosis

    Two months later, my neck lump was gone. A CT scan showed that the enlarged cervical lymph nodes had significantly shrunk, and there was no sign of nasopharyngeal soft tissue mass. My girlfriend jumped for joy after hearing the test result. I myself remained calm outwardly, but I was praying to God in my heart emotionally: Thank you so much! God bless Clifford Hospital! God bless Professor Clifford Pang.

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