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    Acute Non-lymphatic Leukemia: Zhou Jiadong’s Story


    In March 2006, I started to run recurrent high fever for an unknown reason. I had always been in good health. I went to several hospitals in Guangzhou. Doctors all said I was just having an infection. They gave me injection and infusion, but nothing was working out. The off and on fever really killed me emotionally. I started to panic.

    In May, a friend recommended me Clifford Hospital. He said the hospital had treated many complicated cases. After some consideration, I decided to go there. I took a series of tests, which soon confirmed that I had Acute Non-lymphatic Leukemia. Holding the test results in my hand, I felt crushed. I was only 59 years old. There is still so much fun in the world that I do not want my life to end now.

    I was soon sent to the Oncology Center where they gave me more tests. Dr. Zhao, head of the Oncology center, gave me so much inspiration. He gave me a detailed explanation to my case. “There are many treatment options for your case. We will give you very comprehensive treatments. We have treated many similar cases, most of which had a very good outcome. We will try our best. Now you only need to relax. You can join our counseling and health club. This should be very beneficial to you…” Dr. Zhao’s reassuring words gave me so much comfort. I was pretty sure I had put my life in the right hands.

    A Multi-Disciplinary Care

    The following day, Professor Clifford Pang gathered a multi-disciplinary expert team for a joint consultation of my case. They said the cancer cells in my blood had already metastasized. This caused me more concerns. However, apart from gathering myself together to fight against cancer, there was nothing else I could do.

    Doctors started to give me treatments. They gave me systematic chemotherapy and whole-body hyperthermia. When working simultaneously, they could lead to a synergistic effect, thus maximizing the treatment efficacy. Dr. Zhao told me that as cancer patients usually have immune dysfunction, he was going to give me immunotherapy and medical ozone therapy to enhance my immune system. Meanwhile, they also gave me acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicines, psychotherapy and nutrition therapy.

    I was really convinced by their expertise, as I could feel I was recovering miraculously everyday. I was soon full of vitality again. Two months later, I did a comprehensive checkup. The results were mostly within normal rage. All my friends and relatives were amazed I could recover within two months. They said it was a miracle.

    A New Life Filled with Gratitude

    Since 2006, I have been visiting Clifford Hospital on a regular basis, two or three times a year. The last time I visited it was in 2011. It has been 6 years since the first time I was admitted into the hospital as a cancer patient. My friends were all happy to see that I am still doing fine. But they are more amazed to see that I did not go into debt after being afflicted with cancer for six years, as they all know I have never been rich in my life and I do not have insurance either. However, what they don’t know is that treatments in Clifford Hospital are much affordable yet more comprehensive and effective than that of in other big hospitals in Guangzhou. Here in Clifford Hospital, they use a lot of traditional Chinese medicines and natural medicines, which usually are not available in other hospitals. 
    I’m really grateful for Clifford Hospital. I believe I’m not alone in this feeling. Last time when I was there talking to Dr. Zhao, a patient called You Guocheng dropped by with a silk banner in his hands for Dr. Zhao (to show his gratitude). Written on the banner was: “With Many Medical Miracles You’ve Made, Your Name Will Pass on.” “Dr. Zhao, I would like to send you a banner to show you my gratitude too.” I said seriously. “Thanks, but I’m looking forward to seeing you leading a cancer-free and happy life.” Dr. Zhao said.


    I burst into tear at the moment…


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