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Kidney Cancer: A Hong Kong Patient’s Story" />
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    fluoxetine alcohol cravings

    fluoxetine and alcohol

    cialis controindicazioni

    cialis generico in farmacia senza ricetta
    Kidney Cancer: A Hong Kong Patient’s Story



     He Jinhui’s Oncology Team

     As a 61-year-old, I have had many memorable events happening in my life: I have visited different countries, tasted different foods, and experienced different cultures. However, when looking back on it, my hospital stay in Clifford Hospital turns out to be the most eventful and unforgettable one. I gained a new life there.

    A Long Journey to Clifford Hospital

    It all started in 2008 when I started to have general whole-body arthritis pain. Doctors in Hong Kong said calcium deficiency was causing me all the pain. They prescribed me a lot of calcium tablets. I was taking supplements daily. But I was not getting any better. Then they started me on different Western medicines, traditional Chinese medicines, and even medicated wine for rheumatism, but all in vain.

    When there seemed to be no way out, it suddenly occurred to me that I could go to Clifford Hospital. I remember it was rated highly by the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao (the most influential newspaper in Hong Kong) as the most popular and trustworthy hospital in mainland China. Hong Kong people always said it would be much cheaper to get the same quality medical treatments in mainland China, and going to mainland China for medical treatments was becoming a new trend. What’s more, they said Clifford Hospital had treated many people with chronic arthralgia with its holistic and comprehensive treatments.

    I thought Clifford Hospital was a good option for me from every perspective, so I went there without much consideration. Upon arrival, it really took me by surprise to find that the hospital was very clean and had all the medical departments. It looked even nicer than most hospitals in Hong Kong. I was reassured that they would take good care of me if I had any health problems.

    A Devastating Diagnosis

    However, I was soon so shocked to find that I had kidney cancer in my left kidney. Arthralgia had been my problem for over ten years now. How could it possibly transform into kidney cancer? We all know what cancer means to an individual and the individual’s family. I was soon admitted into the Oncology Center. Doctors there gave me more diagnostic checkups, among which the biopsy confirmed malignancy.

    Based on my condition, they customized a treatment plan for me. They gave me whole-body hyperthermia. They also gave me medical ozone therapy, immunotherapy, detoxification therapy, and anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine. Though these treatments were new to me, I was pretty sure they would work well for my case. My psychiatrist and nutritionist visited me daily. They were working hard to ensure my physical and mental health.

    A New Anti-Cancer Concept

    One month later, my arthralgia was diminishing, and my back pain was alleviated. Doctors said I had a full clinical recovery and I could be discharged. Since then, I have been taking anti-cancer traditional Chinese herbal medicines. I have been living a progression-free life ever since.

    Here in Clifford Hospital, I’ve learned that cancer treatment does not necessarily mean destroying every cancer cell in the body, but rather, transforming them into a state of dormancy so that they would not keep growing and destroying the human body. The oncology team in Clifford Hospital often says that the last cancer cell in a human body is destroyed by the human body’s immune system rather than by treatments. As long as our immune system is strong, it is possible that we could live side by side with cancer peacefully.


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