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    naltrexone metabolism read here
    Thyroid cancer: Wang Shumin’s Story



    I was 34 years old, had a loving husband and a cute three-year-old son. Life was so good. It had never occurred to me that I would get cancer. But you never know what will happen.

    In May 2008, one early morning when washing my face, I accidently noticed a lump on my left neck. “Can you come here? I’ve got something wrong with my neck,” I called my husband, who was making breakfast. He was running towards me on hearing my voice. After feeling the lump, he decided to take me to the Clifford Hospital. We both asked for a day off and rushed to the hospital immediately.

    I registered for emergency in the hospital. The hospital receptionist soon guided us to the Oncology Center where Dr. Chu had a detailed inquiry of my condition. He recommended me to take a color Doppler ultrasound for the thyroid. Half an hour later, the result came out. Dr. Chu called my husband into his office. Soon, my husband came out with a worried expression on his face. I realized there must be something serious wrong. I suddenly had a sinking feeling. My husband showed me the test result which was written: papillary carcinoma of the right thyroid.

    Our oncologists were visiting Wang Shumin

    On May, 31st, 2008, they gave me a thyroidectomy under general anesthesia. The surgery went off smoothly. “Tell you something, the doctors are going to give you their non-toxic integrative treatments to help you recuperate and prevent a recurrence,” my husband told me excitedly after the surgery. I was filled with hope again.

    One week later, the doctors started me on various treatments including traditional Chinese medicine, medical ozone therapy, acupuncture, hyperthermia, chelation and rejuvenation therapy. These treatments really facilitated the healing process. After the surgery, I could hardly speak and I had very serious hoarseness. But only three days later, the hoarseness was gone, and I could speak and eat normally again.

    I’m really grateful for the Clifford oncology team. I still remember their names: the head of the expert team Dr. Yang Qi, the head of the Natural Therapy Center Dr. Li Bo, the head of the Medical Ozone Center Dr. Wang Wei, the head of the Clinical Acupuncture Dept Dr. Zhang Zili…My life is back to normal again thanks to their expertise and sincere love for the patients.

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