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Primary Brain Tumor : Hai Chun’s Story" />
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    methyl naltrexone vs naloxone

    naloxone vs naltrexone

    ventolin and proair

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    Primary Brain Tumor : Hai Chun’s Story


     Our nurses were preparing a birthday party for Hai Chun

    I was doing great with my life. I had a good husband who owned several travel agencies in Hainan. The business was good. We were relatively well-off financially. And most importantly, we loved each other and took good care of each other. We were looking forward to having our first baby. Unfortunately, two years later when I turned 28, I got brain tumors. 

    Experiencing Severe Symptoms

    I often felt headache, dizziness, nausea and double vision. “What’s wrong with me? I am only 28. Do I need more exercises?” I was wondering about my problems. I decided to do more exercises. One early morning, dressed up in sport wears and sport shoes, I was heading out to do exercise. But suddenly, I felt a severe headache. I passed out.

    When I woke up, I was already in a hospital. I saw the white ceiling. There was a nurse standing by my side. I was struggling to get up, but headache and dizziness soon overwhelmed me again. Before long, my husband and two doctors came to me with a grim look on their faces. “Don’t worry. You must have been exhausted from too much work recently. You need to have a good rest. But we still need to give you some checkups just in case.” The doctors said. I turned to my husband feeling bewildered. “We are in one of the biggest hospital in Guangzhou. You were just too exhausted. Don’t worry. The doctors will give you some checkups,” my husband was trying to comfort me. My intuition was telling me that something had gone wrong.

    Rejecting Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

    I soon underwent a CT and a MRI. The result revealed two brain tumors. Brain surgery was urgently needed. After knowing the result, all of a sudden, I felt breathless. I passed out again.

    Three days later, I woke up. I felt a severe headache. Doctors told me I just finished a brain surgery. I was lying in bed with tears streaming down on my face. This was so sudden. I could hardly accept the fact. Five days later after the surgery, my husband told me that the surgery was not successful, as the doctors only took out half of the tumors, the other half was still in my brain. This was driving me desperate. Worst still, doctors recommended me radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which scared the hell out of me. I rejected the recommendation, as I was not ready to tolerate the side effects.

    At this critical point, one of my classmates recommended me Clifford Hospital. He said they had non-toxic integrative cancer treatments, and many patients from Hong Kong, Macao and other countries had benefited from the treatments.

    Gaining a New Life in Clifford Hospital

    On December 12, 2008, my husband sent me to the Clifford Hospital. The oncology expert team visited me that day. “Doctors, am I hopeless?” I asked them. “Don’t worry. We will do our best. We are pretty sure our treatments can work well for your case. You have to cheer up and work with us,” doctors reassured me.

    The soon gave me various treatments: local hyperthermia for the brain tumors, medical ozone therapy, chelation and rejuvenation therapy to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system, traditional Chinese medicines and herbal cuisine to promote the physical fitness…I could feel the tumors were subsiding. My headache and dizziness were gone. I was sleeping well and eating well again. This was really so exciting. I saw a bright future ahead.

    After four cycles of treatments, I did a checkup. The result showed that the brain tumors were gone. Doctors said as long as I continued taking traditional Chinese medicines, I would be fine.

    Three years later, I had a baby. We named him Wang Fu to show our sincere gratitude to Clifford Hospital. Thank you again for your professional doctors, for your loving nurses, and for your excellent treatments.

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