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    Oral Melanoma: An Indonesian Patient’s Story


    I’m an Indonesian Chinese. During the Chinese Spring Festival of 2009, I found a green-bean like lump on the upper jaw of my mouth. It was growing larger and larger in size. After the Spring Festival, I went to a local hospital for a checkup. I was soon stunned to find that the lump turned out to be malignant melanoma.

    Local doctors in Indonesia recommended a surgery for me. They also said they needed to give me an artificial upper jaw. This sounded very horrifying to me so I turned down their recommendations and started searching around for alternative treatments. During the following half a year, I tried out different medicines, but all in vain. The lump still kept growing to a stage that I could not even eat rice, just taking rice porridge daily to survive.

     I Chose Clifford Hospital in China

    Until one day my friends recommended me Clifford Hospital. I took a flight to the hospital immediately. At that time, the lump was already as big as an egg. What was worse, I already had cervical lymph node metastases. The doctors in the hospital soon started me on various non-toxic integrative treatments including local hyperthermia, whole-body hyperthermia, Chelation therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and so forth.

    “Thank to Clifford hospital, My Two-Year Cancer Pain Reached to an End”

    One week later after the treatment, the lump shrank by one-third. One month later, half of the lump was gone. I was able to eat rice again. Two months later, the lump disappeared. I was so excited. I did not expect medical treatments in China were so effective and so advanced. Doctors here in China could cure the diseases that overseas doctors found incurable. I was glad that I did not do surgery in Indonesia.

    During my hospital stay in Clifford Hospital, I met Ms. Ding Q, the vice President of the Guangzhou Anti-Cancer Society. I also met many cancer patients who were members of the society. They have become my good friends. Their unyielding spirit in fighting against cancer gave me so much inspiration. I joined the society. I’m proud of being a member of the Guangzhou Anti-Cancer Society.


    I’m particularly grateful to the oncologists in Clifford Hospital. They cured my melanoma with their non-toxic integrative treatments. Thanks to their help, my two-year-long suffering from cancer ended in Clifford Hospital.

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