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Lung Cancer: A Malaysian Patient’s Story" />
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    prednisolon og alkohol

    prednisolon go

    sertraline with alcohol

    sertraline and alcohol anger
    Lung Cancer: A Malaysian Patient’s Story


    At the end of November 2012, after being told he had untreatable advanced lung cancer, Mr. Lu went to Clifford Hospital with various symptoms including persistent low fever, cough and insomnia. Two months later after receiving the non-toxic integrative cancer treatment at Clifford Hospital, Mr. Lu’s pulmonary tumor, which was originally the size of an apple, now had shrunk to three fourths the size. Now that Mr. Lu has regained his health in Clifford Hospital, he is happy to share his story with those around him. 

    A Diagnosis and a Turning Point

    It all dates back to August 2012. I felt something went wrong with my body. I was coughing constantly along with chest pain on my right side. I thought it was caused by the old wound of a car accident that happened 7 years ago. The symptoms were getting more serious. So I went to the best local hospital for a checkup. Soon the doctors told me I had advanced adenocarcinoma of the lung with lymph node metastases. I received various treatments in Malaysia with very little results. The tumor was originally the size of an egg, but grew as big as an apple three months later after the treatments. This made me really depressed. 

    When I was about to give up, my sister in Hong Kong told me a piece of good news, “Why don’t you go to Clifford Hospital? Many Hong Kong people go there for treatments. It is a JCI accredited hospital,” my sister said. “My friend’s mom had a great recovery after receiving cancer treatments there.” 

    Inspired by this good news, I flew to China immediately. It was really touching seeing the Clifford Hospital workers waiting for me by the airport with a designated car. I could feel they were really service-oriented. 

    The Clifford expert team held a joint consultation for my case. They said surgery was no longer an option for my case, and they were going to have to give me chemotherapy and radiotherapy to kill the cancer cells with non-toxic treatments such as hyperthermia, medical ozone treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition therapy to strengthen my immune system and reduce the chemoandradioactive-related side effects.

    Two months later, a miracle occurred. The tumor shrank to three fourths its size. And more amazingly, the skin on my chest did not get burnt from radiotherapy. Many cancer patients told me that their skin on the chest got burnt from the radiotherapy. This didn’t happen to me. I was really happy about the results. I still remember when I first came to Clifford Hospital, I was coughing so badly that I could hardly speak, nor sleep. I could only take a nap on the table, but kept waking up every 15 minutes to cough. Clifford Hospital’s unique treatments had successfully treated my cough without leading to obvious side effects. 

                    Particular Appreciation Goes to Clifford Doctors                 

    Thanks to Clifford doctors, my lung tumor has been well under control. It is now the size of a peanut. But I still visit Clifford Hospital every three months for follow-up treatments that will strengthen my immune system and help me fight against cancer. And besides, I enjoy chatting with the friendly doctors over there. They were all so kind. Sometimes I chatted with them for half an hour or even several hours without feeling tired at all. They were very professional doctors with a compassionate heart. They made me feel like home in the hospital. They helped me gain a great deal of knowledge in cancer care. 

    Mrs. Lu: He indeed had a good recovery. Our Hong Kong sister was right about recommending Clifford Hospital to my husband. He has been doing very well. He does not look like a cancer patient at all. He even started to grow hair on his once-bald head. He is very thankful to Clifford doctors. He often becomes very talkative in front of the doctors there. 

    Zhao Changlin, MD — Mr. Lu's Medical Oncologist: Mr. Lu has been working hard with only 3 hours daily sleep in the past 36 years, and he has a 30-year history of cigarette smoking. His life style has greatly contributed to his cancer. He is only 42, but his lung cancer had already reached a late stage upon diagnosis. Since surgery is no longer a treatment option for him, chemotherapy and radiotherapy would be the primary treatments. The problem is that these two treatments usually would lead to various side effects and reduce the cancer patients’ immune system. We gave him non-toxic integrative treatments such as medical ozone therapy, deep regional hyperthermia, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, medicinal food, along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This not only makes the body accept the chemotherapy and radiotherapy better, but also reduces the side effects and strengthens the cancer patients’ immune system. 

                            A Supportive Family 

    I’m grateful to have such a supportive family. Since I fell sick, my wife has been staying with me around the clock. Though we have private nurses, she still insists in taking care of me by herself daily. She cooks me nutritious foods everyday to help me recover. She is a gem to me, always there to see me through. I didn’t dare to tell her my decision of coming to China for treatments because I was worried the treatment results would disappoint her. Now, we are both convinced that we made a right decision that has saved my life. 

    I’m also proud of my son and daughter. After I was hospitalized in Indonesia, they visited me daily, which gave me so much strength to fight off my cancer. 

    My son showed extraordinary talents in languages and business. He simply learnt it all by himself. I once asked him if he would be happy to take over my business work. To my surprise, he said he did not wish to become someone like me who always left home early in the morning at 6 a.m. while came back in the middle night around 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. My son was absolutely right. I spent too much time on my work while being with my family too little. I was too obsessed with my work that I could hardly find a chance to see them, let alone communicating with them. 

                              Life Now

    Now I’m back in Malaysia. I’m still the chairman of my own companies. I’ve got too much work to do. But I’ve learnt to slow down. I only work a half day now. I used to carry 6 work phones with me, but now I reduced it to 2. After those cancer-fighting experiences, I am now fully aware that my family is my priority and I should spend more time with them. That's one of the big changes in my life.




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