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    Shana’s Story: How to Make Cancer Treatment Enjoyable


    Shana came all the way from Mauritius to our hospital in January 2014 to take non-toxic integrative cancer treatments for her locally advanced breast cancer after some unpleasant experiences in standard cancer treatment. Upon admission, Shana had 5 bleeding tumors on her right breast, plus axillary lymph node and cervical lymph node metastases. During her two-month hospitalization, we gave her surgery, low-dose chemotherapy in combination with IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy), hyperthermia, Chelation and IV mega dose antioxidants, medical ozone therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, electric magnetic therapy, etc. Today she has recovered and we were able to interview her about her experiences in cancer treatment.

    1. What did you start to feel discomfort that was related to cancer?
    It was back in 2011. I felt a lump measuring around 2 cm on my right breast. It was painless so I thought there was nothing serious about it and I didn’t go to see a doctor. Unfortunately, the lump was growing bigger and bigger. In 2012, it measured around 5cm. I started to panic. I went to see an oncologist and he suggested I do a biopsy.

    2. What treatments did you take before you came to Clifford Hospital?
    In 2012, I had surgery and one cycle of chemotherapy. I stopped the treatments because I found it was getting harder and harder for me to tolerate the chemo-related side effects. I suffered from constipation, general weakness and hair loss after the chemotherapy. In 2013, the tumors were bleeding and growing bigger. I decided to take further treatments. I did surgery and 5 cycles of chemotherapy with limited effects. At the end of 2013, the tumors were bleeding again and I was told by doctors that chemotherapy and radiotherapy were the only options for my case. So I started to look at overseas hospitals for a second opinion

    3. How did you get to know Clifford Hospital?
    Our Doctor, Mr. Dorsamy Palian, went to Germany last year and a doctor from there recommended Dr. Pang and Clifford Hospital in China for cancer patients. Mr. Dorsamy Palian, my natural therapy doctor, has been of a great and divine assistance to me since the beginning. He treats me like a daughter instead of a patient.

    4. What made you decide to come to Clifford Hospital for treatment?
    The main reason for coming here is Dr. Pang. We have read so much about him that we trust him and the treatment provided by the hospital. Additionally, we have a firm belief in natural therapies and Chinese Traditional Medicines. In other words, we can say Dr. Pang is our inspiration. I feel very honored and privileged whenever I meet him. He is so humble despite of being such a big personality. I also feel very optimistic when he speaks to me and I will always follow his advices.

    5. How did you manage to fight against cancer in the past few years?
    I’m very lucky to have great people in my life. My husband, my family, my friends, my boss and my colleagues are very supportive. They never treated me like a patient. Without their supports, my life would never have been the same. What’s more, the blessing from God and positive thinking also have helped me enormously with my cancer

    6. What do you think of the treatment you got from Clifford Hospital?
    I personally feel that Clifford Hospital offers the best treatment to any patient. The doctors, nurses and other staff are very professional, confident and totally devoted to their work. All the treatments are worth it as you feel immediately better after each session and the most important is that it’s quite painless. When you are admitted in the hospital, you do not have to worry as the doctors are experts and will do their best to help you. What has impressed me the most is the proper planning of the patient’s case. All the doctors related have weekly meetings to discuss and decide together for the best treatment for the patient; all doctors are aware of the slight pain or issues of the patient. Everything is taken care of and nothing is neglected regarding the patient.

    7. How do you feel about your hospital stay at Clifford Hospital?
    I would like to express my warmest thanks and gratitude to each and everyone who has contributed to make my stay a wonderful and memorable one. Since the first day, my husband and I have been treated like VIPs. Personally for me, it’s a five star hotel. We have been offered so many facilities free of charge. I was very impressed by the Patient’s Right and Responsibilities’ leaflet, especially where they mentioned that “Patients’ cultural values and religious beliefs are respected.” The doctors, nurses, translators and other staff take so much care of us and our needs. We feel like a family member of the hospital. I must admit that the warm welcome, love and special attention that have been given to me have helped me to get better day by day. We do not feel homesick. Special thanks to Rose & Louise (our translators) who are someone exceptional, professional, friendly, charming and so helpful. A huge thank you also goes to the lovely and friendly ladies who clean our room as “cleanliness is next to godliness.” I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be treated at Clifford Hospital and lucky are those who stay in the vicinity.

    8. Do you have any suggestions for other breast cancer patients?
    Firstly a cancer patient needs to accept the fact that he/she has cancer and anything can happen anytime, however, the patient needs to be strong and ready to fight the disease. Always have faith in God and stay positive. The patient also needs to practice Qigong Therapy. Living in a positive and peaceful environment and being surrounded by positive, well supportive and caring persons definitely help the patient to get much better. Above all, keep away from worries.

    I would also advise the patient to visit and get treated at the Clifford Hospital as they will be in safe hands. This hospital is well-disciplined and follows the rules, regulations and procedures and has been accredited by the JCI four times in a row. It is also China’s A-class hospital. I am more than satisfied with my treatment here and I trust the doctors. I am going back home with very good memories and better health conditions and I would really love to come back for a checkup or further treatments.

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