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    Huang’s Story:Living a Wonderful Life after Curing Psoriasis

    Mr.Huang, a Hongkong citizen, had been suffering from psoriasis since he was eight. Huang’s psoriasis ran in the family and he had struggled with it for 20 years. During this time, Huang hadn’t found an effective treatment so he never wore a short - sleeved T shirt in summer or had a stable relationship. Huang felt mentally and physically tired. 

    In May 2010, Mr.Huang’s condition got worse. Patches covered his head, limbs, chest and back. The patches area was topped with silvery and scaling skin. All these symptoms made him uncomfortable. At this time, Huang’s friend introduced the Non-Toxic Integrative Treatment poineered by Clifford Hospital to him. Huang came to know that the integrative treatment is effective in treating psoriasis and it’s non-toxic and free of side effect. Then Huang decided to treat his psoriasis in Clifford Hospital.

    When Mr. Huang was admitted to Clifford Hospital, medical specialists customized a treatment plan for him, which included chelation therapy, magneto-electric biofeedback therapy, medical ozone therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, etc.

    After two months of receiving the treatment, there was no skin scales on Huang’s body. Amazingly, the patches gradually faded and his skin became coupons smooth. Mr.Huang regularly undertakes chelation and medical ozone therapy in Clifford Hospital as a precaution to avoid a relapse. Although there is a little skin pigmentation, he is very happy with his recovery, so much so that, Mr.Huang now has a girlfriend.

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