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    Oncology Center: Good Treatments and Reasonable Prices

    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago. I did surgery and chemotherapy. Thanks to the early detection, timely treatments and holistic traditional Chinese medicines, my conditions had been stable. Still, I was worried about recurrence everyday. Thus, I was very mindful of my lifestyle. I did routine checkups on a regular basis.

    At the beginning of this year, my friends told me that Clifford Hospital had non-toxic integrative treatments which could prevent a recurrence of cancer and metastases. They said the detoxification therapy they had in the hospital could enhance the treatment efficacy of the chemotherapy and rectify its side effects. They also told me that the hospital looked like a five-star hotel, and the prices there were reasonable.

    I went to Clifford Hospital. Dr. Chu received me. I met many doctors and nurses. They all showed so much concern for me. They all had a warm smile and a gentle voice. This was so unexpected. In China, doctors and nurses in the public hospitals have a good reputation of pulling a long face in front of their patients. Here in Clifford Hospital, doctors and nurses have so much more sympathy and respect for the patients.

    During my hospital stay, Dr. Ou, the nutritionist who studied and worked in Britain for many years, made me a guidebook for my diet. It was really very helpful to me. I made many copies of it and gave to my friends who also suffered from cancer. They all said they benefited a lot from it.

    I’m so grateful to Clifford Hospital. The whole hospital feels more like a hotel. The rooms are very nice and clean. I stayed in the hospital for only four days. I was eating well and sleeping well everyday. More amazingly, I spent less money than I would have spent if I chose a public hospital. This was so unexpected. I was very happy with the result.

    Thank you so much your good doctors, nurses, nice rooms and good treatments.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Gan Bilian

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