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    Clifford Hospital: A Hospital with Excellent Medical Care and Moral Spirit

    Mid-Autumn Festival has always been memorable in my life.

    It was on the Mid-Autumn Festival 40 years ago when there was a flood in my hometown. I engaged in fighting the flood and spent the whole night inspecting a dam. I was so fatigued that I lay on the dam for rest. What a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival!

    On the Mid-Autumn Festival of this year, I suffered from a severe cough, which reduced me to no mood for appreciating the moon or enjoying the tea and moon-cake, and what was worse, I couldn’t sleep well all night. So I came to Clifford Hospital the next day. Dr. Chen Qianqi was very patient with me. She followed the diagnostic process of Traditional Chinese Medicine and carefully learned about my symptoms before she gave me the prescription. After taking the medicine two or three times, my cough was gone and I could sleep very well. This was another memorable Mid-Autumn Festival in my life!

    I am deeply grateful to Dr. Chen. She keeps Clifford Hospital’s motto in mind and treats patients with a caring heart.

    A senior resident in Clifford Estates

    Sep 10, 2014

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