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      Zhang Bo’s Story: Fibrosarcoma

    The summer of 2008 was a nightmare for me. The doctors had discovered a huge malignant tumor in my thoracic cavity. The tumor was encompassing the large vessels of my heart and was causing me severe chest pain along with cough, shortness of breath and dizziness. The doctors in Hong Kong told me that there was nothing they could do for me, as it was too risky to give me any treatments considering my poor conditions and the difficult tumor location. They said I only had three more months to live.

    Every night I lay awake with a feeling of hopelessness and depression. I was still so young, but my life seemed to be coming to an end.

    When I was about to give up, one of my relatives told me that he was successfully treated in Clifford Hospital for his pancreatic cancer. He told me that Clifford has a new treatment model called Combined Natural Therapy for cancer. I also heard that the hospital was founded by Clifford Pang and has been under his management. Clifford Pang is a well-known professor and philanthropist in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people have a lot of respect for him.

    Having so much trust and respect for Clifford Pang, I rushed to the hospital without a moment’s hesitation on July 30, 2008.

    Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised, by the five-star hotel environment, by the friendly disposition of the entire staff, from the cleaning staff to the highest level, of the President Professor Clifford. The cleaning lady showed so much concern for my health, and she said to me almost everyday: “Mr. Wang, you are so skinny. You need to eat more food.” President Professor Clifford asked me every week: “How are you doing today, Mr. Wang.” I felt like I was at home.

    The following week after my admission, Professor Clifford gathered all the specialists from different fields for a consultation of my case. The majority believed that I had to undergo complimentary treatments to resolve my symptoms and boost my immunity first before I could undergo invasive treatments. Thus, I was given various treatments: three ozone therapy were given to eliminate the toxins in my body; nutrition support and Chinese herbal medicines to restore the essential nutrients; local hyperthermia to kill the cancer cells; whole-body hyperthermia and immunotherapy to boost my immunotherapy; acupuncture to relieve my pain; counseling and Qigong to resolve my anxiety and depression.

    Two months later, the tumor shrank. All of my symptoms were gone, and I had gained 11kg in body weight. With these improvements, they said I was fit to undergo the surgery. The doctors removed a huge tumor weighting 23kg from my body. The surgery turned out to be very successful and I recovered quickly.

    With its attentive, professional, precise and high quality comprehensive cancer treatments, Clifford saved my life. I was full of life and energy again.

    Upon discharge, I held Professor Clifford’s hand and asked him: “You saved my life. My gratitude for you and your doctors is beyond any words.” He smiled and said: “We are so proud of you. You made it. You recovery is what we want the most”

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