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Our Strengths

1. Genuine "one-stop" physical check-up:

The Physical Check-up Center is located in the second floor of the Outpatient Building, which is bright and spacious, and has elegant environment. All physical checkups are completed on the same floor no matter whether it is registration, booking, billing, payment, all kinds of inspections, testing or medical reports etc. In this way, we can provide you with a simple, convenient and quick process.


2. Star rated hotel like facilities:

We have consummate facilities, bright and spacious star rated hotel like facilities, which can provide convenient accommodation for you and your Physical Check-up group.


3. Physical Check-up quality assurance:

High-quality professional team + international advanced equipment + careful service


4. "People-oriented" Service:


4.1 We respect guests' right, protect guests' privacy, and ensure the confidentiality of personal information according to JCI Standards, and our professional nurses will be with you during the entire process and thus allow you to enjoy the complete physical check-up package.


4.2 Popular price, and tailored physical check-up recommendations, allows you more reasonable cost;


4.3 Senior health care experts analyze and explain the physical check-up reports in detail for each guest;


4.4 Chinese health experts provide Chinese medicine and health care diet guidance;


4.5  Timely referral to the specialist experts;


4.6 Provide English, Japanese and Korean language translation, and the corresponding translation of the physical check-up reports;


4.7 Organize health education lectures, analyze the physical check-up reports and publicize health knowledge by free house calls according to the needs of the physical check-up group.


4.8  The check-up packages above VIP level (including VIP) include:


It has senior experts that check and analyze the physical check-up reports for you and give you health guidance;

Accompanied by professional nurses during the entire process;

Stay in VIP room for 1 or 2 days; meals provided; can freely participate in all activities of our health clubs.