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Medical health check-up preparation

1.Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours, prior to the check-up.

2. Do not eat or drink at least 8 – 10 hours prior to the check-up. Water, however may be freely taken to avoid dehydration effects on blood sugar and cholesterol tests in the program. 

3.Please do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to appointment as drugs and alcohol may affect some tests. Please inform the doctor or nurse before the test.

4.Ladies should avoid urine analysis 7 days before or after the menstrual period. Traces of blood in the urine will contaminate the sample and affect the results.

5.Ladies should also avoid having a breast mammogram during menses as the breast is tense at during that period.

6.Pregnant women are advised not to undergo any X-ray test.

7.Should wear clothing allowing access to upper arm. 

8. If you have a chronic illness or other health problems, please bring any test results or medical report with you to assist in diagnosis.