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Natural Medicine Therapy

Nutrition Medicinal Diet

Proper diet and nutrition are essential for patients with gastrointestinal diseases, and digestive diseases often caused diseases of other organs. The human diet and nutritional requirements are complex, our professional dieticians provide standard nutrition prescription for patients, especially for those fasting over 48 hours, the weight dropped more than 5% in recent one month, have serious liver, kidney and cardiovascular diseases, have difficulty in swallowing and with metabolic diseases patients. Calculate the daily calories they required for individual, and allocate properly according to the calories, then provide reasonable meal plan for patients. In the meanwhile, Traditional Chinese Medicine think that medicine and food are homology, the supply of nutrition medicinal diet could help build up healthful vital energy and reach detoxification effect.

System Biofeedback Therapy

Integrated decades of world's bio-resonance technology and Chinese medicine meridian theory, produced high concentrated pulsed electromagnetic field through electromagnetic induction principle, and then penetrated deep target tissue area, which can dredge blood and meridians, stimulate cells’ self repair function and regulate the body's own immune function, so as to reach metabolic dynamic balance state. At the same time it takes effects like clearing body endotoxin, alleviating and eliminating all sorts of acute or chronic pain, intractable constipation and inflammatory response.

Medical Ozone Therapy

Ozone is brought into the body by mixturing it in extracorporeal blood circulation, it is expecially effective for chronic viral hepatitis.

Detoxification Therapy

To treat through vitamin C and EDTA,This treatment has powerful effects like detoxification, anti-radical action, antioxidation,antiinflammation, antioxidant stress, antiplatelet action, arterial vascular protection and immunomodulatory properties. It takes excellent effect on chronic liver disease and fatty liver.