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Gong Caixia

Chief Physician

Department: oncological integrative treament center、Respiratory Medicine

Dr. Gong has 30 years of clinical experience in Internal Medicine, and was a candidate for Guangzhou Talent Education in New Century. At Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital she studied Pulmonic medicine and Pulmonary function, and Bronchoscopy at the Shanghai Chest Hospital and Shanghai Changhai Hospital. Her scientific research won her several awards. To date, she has 20 medical publications. Her specialty is in diagnosing lung cancer, and treating cancer with bronchoscopy. She has vast experience in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema, bronchial asthma, lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, snoring, sleep apnea syndrome, and other chronic diseases. Dr. Gong won several provincial, district and municipal Scientific Award.

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