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    [News] Clifford Hospital Accredited by JCI for the Fifth Time

    Clifford Hospital has been successfully re-accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). The good news came after the Joint Commission International Accreditation rendered an accreditation decision to the hospital on December 16th, 2015. ...Read more

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    Professor Clifford L. K. Pang was Invited to the 33rd Annual Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and Made a Keynote Speech

    From July 10th to July 12th, 2015, the 33rd Annual Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and 3rd international Oncotherm congress was held in Nidda, Germany. The conference provided a forum for researchers from around the world to exchange their ideas on the application of hyperthermia in cancer treatment. The conference attracted over 60 medical experts fr...Read more
    A special birthday in life, an unforgettable memory in Clifford Hospital
    In the evening of 3 July, many people was singing and laughing in an ICU ward of Clifford Hospital. They surrounded a foreign lady who had grey hair and a kindly smile, holding a birthday cake and wishing her a happy birthday....Read more
    No Fear of Cancer! New website of Oncology Center is launched
    A new official website of the Oncology Center at Clifford Hospital is launched! It is now very convenient for the overseas cancer suffers to learn about Clifford Hospital’s cancer treatments, medical technology, and research, teaching and international services....Read more
    Integrative Therapy, New Trend of Cancer Treatment
    Feb 4th is the World Cancer Day. A report published by WHO predicts that cancer cases are expected to surge by 57% worldwide in the next two decades, and it also warns that the world is facing a “tidal wave” of cancer, which has already become an imminent “human disaster”....Read more
    Winter Moxibustion Treatment-Offering Event in Clifford Hospital
    Winter Moxibustion is a therapy in which pungent herbs are applied to specific acupoints on the coldest days of a year (Chinese:三九天, pinyin:sanjiutian ). Its aim is to prevent infections by reducing the chance of getting disease through invigorating Qi and strengthening the body immune system. The International Natural Medicine Center of Clifford Hospital will hold winter moxibustion tre...Read more

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    Herbal Medicine Formula- A Great Way for Nutritional Therapy in Winter

    Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that winter is the season for preservation and storage. Consuming herbal tonics and herbal medicines based on one’s individual physical condition can boost their health. In China, herbal medicine formula (Chinese: 膏方; pinyin: gaofang) has long been a unique way for nutritional therapy in winter....Read more

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    Clifford Hospital and Chinatown Education Held the Chinese Corner Activity on Topic “ See a doctor”

    Clifford Hospital and Chinatown Education held the Chinese Corner Activity on the topic ”seeking a doctor” in the Science Park of Sun Yet-sen University on Nov. 13th, 2014. International students from ten countries, including Thailand, Turkey, Columbia, Korea and Russia attended this activity....Read more
    Breast cancer awareness month-Three daily habits to prevent breast cancer
    The month of October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month by WTO. Breast cancer culture, sometimes called pink ribbon culture, is the cultural outgrowth of breast cancer advocacy and the largest women’s health movement....Read more

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    Dengue Fever Prevention Tips for National Day Holiday

    Located in the subtropical and temperate zone, Guangdong is a high-risky region for dengue fever. September to November is the peak season for dengue fever outbreaks in Guangdong. According to Local health authorities, about 10,000 dengue fever cases have been confirmed in Guangdong Province recently. With National Day holiday approaching, various celebration activities are held across C...Read more
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