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  • The 2nd Academic Meeting of WFCMS Specialty Committee of Natural Therapy Was Held
    On November 17th, 2012, the 2nd academic meeting of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) specialty committee of natural therapy was held in Foshan, Guangdong. Over 100 specialists from America, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Holan, Australia and Japan attended the meeting and exchanged their ideas on the future development of natural therapy and the advantages of combined...Read more
    Clifford Doctors Save a Stabbing Victim’s Life
    On November 6th in the afternoon, a dying patient was sent to Clifford Hospital. We were horrified to see that the patient’s chest was mangled with flesh and blood. He was only 20-year-old, and had over 30 cuts on his left-sided chest. The wounds were large and deep, reaching up to the heart and lung....Read more
    Professor Clifford Was Elected as the New President of the ICHS
    October 12,2012, Dr. Clifford L. K Pang was elected as the new president of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS). The 31st ICHS Conference was held in Budapest Hungary from October 12th to October 14th 2012. Over 300 specialists from 100 countries attended. President Clifford and Director Lu of the Hyperthermia Centre were invited to give a keynote speech in the confere...Read more
    Clifford Group: Ten Year History of Blood Donation
    On July 14th, 2012, Clifford Group organized its staff from Clifford Estate and Clifford Hospital for a blood donation activity. This has been a ten-year tradition in Clifford. The statistics shows that volunteering blood donation on the street has been the main blood resources of the Panyu Blood Centre Bank. Resent years, the volunteering blood donation on the street has been decreased...Read more
    Prof. Dr. Clifford L.K. Pang Was Appointed to Be a Distinguished Adviser for Doctoral Students
    In July 2012, Professor Prof. Dr. Clifford L.K. Pang, CEO of the Clifford Hospital, was appointed to be a distinguished advisor for doctoral students in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. “In accordance with the training standards and orientation for doctoral students in China, I will focus on teaching them the TCM regimens and JCI managements. I’m hoping China would have more hi...Read more
    Hundreds Attended the Seminar on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
    During the cold winter time, cardiovascular diseases occur more frequently. In order to help those who are at high-risk of cardiovascular disease, the Vasculocardiology Deparment of Clifford Hospital held a seminar on cardiovascular disease prevention on December 31st, 2011. Hundreds attended the seminar. Health files were established for every attendee....Read more
    Unintentional Childhood Injuries: A Vital Rescue
    On December 21st, a two-year-old baby who had a 2cm cut on the back side of his head was sent to Clifford Hospital. After a life-threatening vital rescue, the baby is now out of danger. “I was doing needlework while my baby was taking a noon nap beside me. I remember I had a pair of scissors in my hand. My baby woke up and started to crawl towards me. Suddenly, he stood up and fell, his...Read more
    Hundreds Attended Dr. Ji’s Lecture on Diet and Diabetes Prevention
    On November 12, 2011, at the Generali China Life Company’s invitation, Dr. Ji gave a lecture on Diet and Diabetes Prevention for hundreds customers. ...Read more
    Thousands Attended Clifford’s Speech on Cancer Prevention
    Cancer is not incurable; it can be prevented and cured." On the evening of August 28, 2009, Doctor Clifford L. K. Pang, Director of Clifford Hospital, stressed in his lecture on the prevention and treatment of cancer in daily life. Over 3000 audience responded with resounding applause. The number of cancer cases has risen sharply, especially among the younger generation, which adds to t...Read more
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