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Clifford Shines Rays of Hope into Life of Australian Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Patient



Mr.Tinecheff and Bree with oncologists, nurses and interpreters in Clifford Hospital

Embark on Returning Journey to Health and Home

It was a sunny morning in Clifford Hospital. Watching the doctors, nurses and interpreters filing into and out of his ward with all those packs and luggage of him and his family, Mr. Tinecheff and his wife Bree could hardly contain his excitement. He felt no words could fully express his appreciation of the hospital and its staff. So the night before, he and his wife had carefully packed boxes of chocolates in paper bags of Chinese favorite red color. 

Christmas was only 2 days to go and he would celebrate this very unusual holiday with his family back in Perth after a tough but successful struggle against cancer in Clifford Hospital, a Chinese hospital about 6,000 kilometers from home. He felt he was now full of energy. His chest pain was going away, which had used to be so torturing that even removing a tiny strip of tape from other parts of his body would make him suffer like in the hell. His night sweats almost disappeared, which had forced him to change pajamas 6 times a night. He now had good appetite and sleep and put on 3 kilograms in weight. 

The hospital cars to pick them up for the airport arrived and it was time to leave. Jemmy (this is how Mr Tinecheff is called by everyone in the hospital) and Bree warmly hugged the doctors and nurses in the hospital, expressing their gratitude and love with their carefully prepared gifts. They said that their experience in Clifford Hospital made them more resolute about non-toxic cancer treatments and they would share his successful anti-cancer story here to more Australian cancer friends. They believe that Clifford hospital’s cancer treatment would benefit more patients in near future. His wife Bree also said with a choked voice that she had been so desperate at one time that she had thought he was gone. “It is Clifford Hospital that shed rays of hope into our life,” said Bree, “we are now confident that Jemmy will be fine”.

Desperate Search for Hope Led Them to Clifford Hospital

Until three years ago, Jemmy had led a happy, carefree life with his beautiful wife Bree and three wonderful kids in Perth, Australia. In April 2013, Jemmy noticed a mass about the size of an egg in the left armpit. He went to a local hospital for biopsy and the report showed Non-hodgekin Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. Jemmy was only 39 years old that year. 

Returning from the shock, Jemmy and Bree started to read tons of medical documents online and in books. As devoted natural therapy advocates, they finally made a decision not to receive any invasive treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy. The whole family started an inconventional journey against cancer. 

They first turned to some local natural therapies. One year later, the mass didn’t shrink but turned bigger and caused fester on the skin. They tried herbal plaster until the wound healed, but more masses were present. In early August 2016, Jemmy started to present with bad cough, shortness of breath, and severe chest and back pain. He went to the local hospital again. The doctor there confirmed the previous diagnosis and stressed the severity of his condition and the importance of chemotherapy. Jemmy refused again.

The couple started to search online for effective non-invasive cancer treatments. After careful study and comparisons, they finally chose the Nontoxic Integrative Cancer Treatment pioneered by Clifford Hospital in China. Immediately after they emailed his medical records to the oncologists in Clifford, they received an initial treatment plan. On September 20, 2016, Jemmy and Bree flew from Perth to Guangzhou, where English interpreter Tracy from Clifford Hospital picked them up early in the morning. 

Nontoxic Integrative Treatment Combined with Patient-oriented Service Brought Confidence and Hope to the Family

Clifford hospital arranged for Jemmy VIP single room and 24-hour English interpretation. The room was well-fitted with daily amenities, making them feel more comfortable in a foreign country. Individually prepared dietary plan by professional nutritionist including organic fruit and vegetables juices was delivered to their hands. Caring nurses were ready around the clock to help them.  

After two days of rest, a series of examinations and tests were done. The results reported cancer invasion into lymph nodes in Jemmy’s neck, left armpit, mediastinum, and groins. Ultrasound also showed massive pleural effusion in the right chest, seriously affecting his respiratory functional compensation. 

Multidisciplinary experts were quickly summoned for joint consultation and they formulated a nontoxic integrative treatment schedule for him, combining hyperthermia, chelation, ozone therapy, traditional Chinese medicines, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and coffee enema. These treatments were administered to control the tumor growth and strengthen his immunity. Concurrent with these, pleural drainage was also used to drain effusion so as to relieve his chest and back pain.   

At the beginning of the treatment, Jemmy was very weak. He lost 18 kilograms, and could barely sleep because of heavy night sweats and excruciating pain. After nearly 2 months’ integrative treatment, Jemmy’s symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath gradually disappeared. The enlarged subaxillary lymph node shrank by 80%, almost hard to find. However, with the time going by, the couple started to miss their young kids at home more and more. Such concerns brought about sudden ups and downs in Jemmy’s emotions. His attending doctor Ma thought such emotional fluctuations would have negative impact on the treatments.

In order to allay their concerns, the staff in the International Customer Service Center tried their best to help facilitate the Chinese visa applications for Jemmy’s mother and three kids. The hospital also arranged for them airport pickup service and an apartment only 15 minutes’ walk. 

The family reunion gave a boost to Jemmy’s treatments. And not only that, the hospital took care of their every need in life and even in religion. When Bree wished that her husband could have his favorite dishes, an interpreter brought her directly to the patient kitchen, allowing her to teach the chef how to cook his favorites. When the couple wanted more diversities of organic food, a hospital car drove Bree and her kids to the nearest Metro. There was also a prayer room to allow them to practice their religious rituals with more privacy. A beautiful herbal garden on the 6th floor also gave them a respite from treatments. All these thoughtful services added to the final relief of Jemmy’s symptoms. 

Heading for the Right Direction

Jemmy and his family went back to Perth on December 23. Two weeks later, his attending doctor in Clifford Hospital Dr.Ma received an email from Bree, saying “Jimmy looks good and has put on nearly 2 kilos. He is happier in himself so I believe we are headed in the right direction. ”  

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