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Cirrhosis Decompensated Refractory Ascites

Patient XXX   Male   71 Years Old

Due to ingravescence abdominal distension for more than half a year, he was hospitalized at the end of 2013. In June 2013, Patient's abdominal distension aggravated gradually without obvious inducement and he had poor appetite and felt weak. He used to see doctors at several local hospitals, and plenty of ascites were found after checking, but the diagnosis was still not entirely clear, and the treatment was not good. He has changed 4 hospitals but ascites did not fade, then he was recommended by his friends to come to our Clifford Hospital from other province. After his admission to hospital, our doctors inquiry his medical history in detail, and make careful physical examination, ascites and other related examination. We organized expert consultation repeatedly to analyze his condition, then carried out the diagnosis treatment protocol. Combined drawing ascites by diuresis with thermotherapy, the ascites were completely dissipated and patient discharged from hospital at last.