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Rapid Cure Gastrointestinal Bleeding Under Endoscopic

In the year of 2011, one of the owner of Clifford Estates Ms Sun has done the intestinal polypectomy in one hospital of HongKong. After she came back to Clifford Estates, a lot of bloody stools appeared, and in a short period of time Ms Sun appeared shock symptom. After the first time being sent to Clifford Hospital, doctors adopted antishock,symptomatic approach and support therapy to cure the shock and melena. While her condition was stable, Doctors took enteroscopy checking under the guidence of director doctor of digestive department, and found the bleeding wound successfully. According to her condition, we implement the joint hemostatic method of titanium clip and hemostatic to successfully stop bleeding. Ms Sun recovered well after the operation and she was able to move around 2 days later.After a week, she was discharged from hospital successfully.