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Coffee Enema

Coffee enema refers to the enema-related procedure of injecting coffee via the anus to clean the rectum and large intestines, and stimulate detoxification function of the liver. 

At Clifford Hospital, we use high-quality organic coffee to make sure the safety and effect of the treatment. 

What are the benefits of coffee enema?

1. Relieves constipation, increases helpful bacteria in the intestines and maintains balance of intestinal bacteria. 

2. Helps relieve allergic symptoms such as hives. 

3. Promotes blood circulation and lymph circulation, improves various skin problems.

4. Boosts metabolism, and benefits overweight people to control weight. 

5. Eliminates toxins in the body, relieves chronic fatigue, headache, shoulder pain, etc.  

6. Helps improve liver function and maintain it health. 

Indications of coffee enema:

Sub-health condition, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, hepatic insufficiency, cancer. 

Who are unsuitable to have coffee enema?

Hemorrhoid patients, pregnant women, children, patients with poor health, unconscious patients.