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Saving a life against time

Miracle of life – Rescue record by Emergency Center, ICU, Cerebral surgery, Chest surgery, Pediatrics. January 1, 2006, 11:35 Clifford Hospital received a call from Emergency Network 120; a two-year-old child was knocked down in a traffic accident nearby and in critical condition. Doctor and nurse arrived on scene at 11:38, a boy, two years and five months, was run over by a car, the child's face was bluish violet, breathing difficult and unable to speak, there were wheels tracks on the chest, bleeding at face, head and chest, and zero blood pressure. After on site emergency treatment, doctor transported patient to Emergency Center Trauma Room at 11:45 and reported to Emergency Network 120. Head of Department organized rescue: Gave oxygen by oxygen mask, established intravenous access, stopped bleeding, gave antishock treatment, monitored heart rate; experts from Cerebral Surgery and Chest Surgery arrived within five minutes and began consultation. For CT scan of heart, neck, chest, abdomen under vein mitigate, doctors brought emergency medicine, defibrillator-pacemaker machine, trachea cannula, patient monitor into CT room in case breath and heartbeat stopped, for the patient was young and condition was critical. Scan showed: Fracture of right clavicle, fracture of first to ninth right ribs, bilateral traumatic pneumothorax, right side hemopneumothorax, contused wounds in soft tissues of head and chest. At 12:25 the patient was transferred to ICU for further rescue, blood transfusion and albumin transfusion. Pediatrics specialists were called in. Chest puncture was implemented immediately, a great deal of blood and gas were drawn out from thoracic cavity, the patient was saved, and after further operation and special treatment, he recovered. It was a miracle of life to save such a two-year-and-five-month child with such severe trauma within a very short time. Accredited by JCI, Clifford Hospital has regulated emergency rescue processes, and at the same time, Hospital management always consider the Emergency Center as very important, with cooperation and regular practice, only under these guidelines can these rescues succeed.