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Mechanism of Medical Ozone Therapy

Medical ozone therapy is one of the useful auxiliary therapy for cancer patients. The development of tumor is closely related to anaerobic in tumor cells. After applying the ozone, oxygen content in tumor area increases to destroy the tumor. Meanwhile, ozone can activate immune cells and boost immune cells to produce interferon and tumor necrosis factors. Medical ozone mobilizes anti-cancer functions of the human body contributing to treating cancer.

Ozone reacts with body fluid to produce hydrogen peroxide, which can directly kill bacteria and virus; it can also stimulate white blood cells generation; activate immunological competent cells, thus enhancing the immune system, and enhance bactericidal action.

Medical ozone can activate erythrocyte, increase oxygen content in erythrocyte and facilitate hemoglobin and oxygen dissociation which enhance the ability of surrounding tissue in getting oxygen. It can also change the distensibility of red cell membrane, thus enhance the variability and function of red blood cells. 

Medical ozone can moderates the immune system, activate immune competent cell, accelerate cell factor release, improve immunity. 

Medical ozone can activate superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and reductase which can eliminate free radicals and adjust the antioxidant capacity. Ozone facilitate decomposition of accumulated toxins in the body. Ozone has a strong ability of oxygenolysis, it can react directly with bacteria and viruses and accelerate excretion of toxicants in the body by boosting metabolism.

Medical ozone therapy has been found to be an antimicrobial, antiviral and with regulate immune function. Ozone oxidizes lipids in vascular walls, improve the elasticity of blood vessels and stimulate the anti-oxidant system. 

Medical ozone therapy center designs the different kinds of treatment method regarding to individual symptoms. In order to achieve optimum treatment outcome and prevent diseases.