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Gynecological inflammations

Antibiotic therapy is the traditional treatment method for gynecological inflammations. Chronic gynecology inflammation may leads to fibrosis and blood circulation disturbance which antibiotics are ineffective in treating this kind of cases. Therefore, it required to have a therapy that can improve blood flow in the diseased tissue, prevent microthrombus formation, activated cell and humoral immunity. Medical ozone therapy can meet all the requirements mentioned above. 


Medical ozone therapy center brought advanced instruments and technologies from Germany.   

Our well trained specialists will come up with an optimal treatment plan according to patient’s individual circumstances, to ensure the treatment is safe and effective. 

Indications: Vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, annexitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammation, etc. 

Characteristics of treatment: Medical ozone therapy only targets at the diseased histocyte and does not harm normal tissue. There is no side effect and have the ability to diminish inflammation and relieve pain. Therefore, medical ozone is one of the non-toxic treatment recommended to patients. 

Treatment methods: Local therapy is the main method in treating gynecological inflammations. Medical ozone local therapy includes ozone insufflations, vaginal washing with ozonated saline and ozonized olive oil. Whole body therapy can be applied according to patient’s symptoms and their immune system. It includes treatments like extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO), ozonated saline injection and rectal ozone insufflations.