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Well-known Composer Wrote Calligraphy to Express Appreciation of Clifford Hospital


Three years has passed since Chinese well-known composer Gao Shan (pseudonym) turned to Clifford Hospital for non-toxic integrative cancer treatment after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Now, 75 years old, he has survived with a good quality of life. Recently, he expressed his gratitude to the healthcare providers in Clifford Hospital in a self-written calligraphy.

Different choices lead to different ends

Mr. Gao presented to Clifford Hospital in October 2013 after symptom of passing bright red or tar-colored stool had persisted for about a year. His colonoscopy showed a 4cm annular tumor with ulceration in the sigmoid colon, and his pathology reported colonic adenocarcinoma.


Misfortunes never came singly. Not long before his own diagnosis, Gao’s wife had just died from the same disease. She had chosen surgery and chemotherapy in another hospital, and passed away three months later. Mr. Gao kept her company through the whole process of treatment and witnessed the sufferings she experienced. So when he faced his own pathology result later, he was determined not to receive any invasive, toxic treatment.


The oncologists in Clifford Hospital respected his decision and multi-disciplinary specialists had a joint consultation on his case. They formulated an non-toxic integrative treatment plan, which was mainly featured with hyperthermia, ozone therapy, chelation, acupuncture and nutritional support. Over the three years, Mr. Gao has received nearly 200 deep hyperthermic therapies and his condition is under good control.


His most recent scan showed further shrinkage of the tumor than priorly reported in 2015. No evidence of metastasis was detected. He has also recovered from previous anemia caused by long-standing passing of blood in stool. His thoracic effusion aggravated by chronic anemia has disappeared completely. All these improvements have made him proud of his own choice for non-toxic integrative cancer treatment in Clifford Hospital.  



Colonic walls thickening caused by large colonic tumor


Reduced wall thickness with shrinkage of tumor after about 200 hyperthermic therapies




Increased thoracic effusion with aggravation of chronic anemia


Disappearance of thoracic effusion after hyperthermia

He said, “ the three hyperthermic therapies weekly are almost an enjoyment. Each time I simply come for a 1-hour good nap and then, when I wake up, the treatment is over”. He felt sorry for his wife, and showed his appreciation of the doctors and nurses for leading him on a totally different road.


Deep hyperthermia kills cancer cells and extends survival period

According to Mr. Gao’s attending physician Dr. Zhao, deep hyperthermia can heat up the tumor tissues to a temperature 3~7 census degrees higher than their peripheral normal tissues for the reason of the special blood circulation properties of cancer cells. Continuous heating within a short period can lead to the sudden or gradual apoptosis of the cancer cells while leaving the normal tissues and cells intact. Hyperthermia can also damage the growth of tumor blood vessels and inhibit infiltration and metastasis of cancer cells. In addition, hyperthermia can stimulate human immune system and increase the activity of NK cells, T-cells and magrophage.


Dr. Zhao points out that the non-toxic integrative cancer treatment has little side effects and allows cancer patients to survive with high quality of life by preventing spreading and relapse. For patients who have received radio- and/or chemotherapy, hyperthermia can also increase the patient’s sensitivity to the treatments and strengthen his/her immunity.


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