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Integrative Treatment Miraculously Eliminates Overgrown Metastatic Lymphoma to the Breast


“My sister is 54 years old and was diagnosed with B cell lymphoblastic lymphoma in February, 2016. ”The initial sign began with a breast mass. When the diagnosis was confirmed, a small amount of cancer cells had spread to pelvis. She received 6 sessions of hypercvad + rituximab, 2 sessions of ICE, 56 days of immunotherapy and a hepatocellular transplantation. The whole treatment course took a year and 5 months. Until August 14, 2017, new breast tumors were found and confirmed cancer recurrence through tests. At that time, there were two tumors in the breast. One of the them grew incredibly fast, nearly proliferating in times everyday. Although it stopped growing for a while, it grew again later.”

This is the message that Ms. Lin from Hongkong sent to Director Zhao Changlin from oncology department of Clifford Hospital by WeChat, showing her helplessness. Besides, the patient, Ms. Lin’s sister, treated the disease by all means but was still involved with cancer and subjected to all kinds of sufferings.

After Director Zhao Changlin received the message, he advised the patien to go for Clifford Hospital to take treatment as soon as possible.

When Ms. Lin’s sister Lin Lan (assumed name) sat in front of director Zhao, she had already been tortured to an extremely weak and thin women who was dressed with a hat, a mask and a weight coat and just showed her confused eyes. Physical examination found her left breast was swelling and hard, and skin sore was around the edge of skin with pus.

According to Lin Lan, since lymphoma metastasized to the breast, she had received many times of radiotherapy and chemotherapy but they didn’t take effect. Her body no longer underwent these therapies which brought a big trauma to her skin and her body. What severe cancer pain brought were poor sleeping, difficult breathing and sufferings.

Dr. Zhao Changlin checked Lin Lan’s medical records carefully and tailored an integrative individual treatment plan accordingly involving local hyperthermia, chelation therapy and traditional Chinese medicine.

As a 10-day treatment course was finished, Lin Lan’s left breast got improved remarkably. The breast has softened and became the same size as the right one. CT scan showed that the tumor shrunk by 2/3. Besides, the sharp pain has disappeared, and her sleeping quality has been boosted. Rather than lying awake all night before, she is able to sleep for 5-6 hours per night. Her appetite has enhanced and her weak body and immune system have been improved gradually. The distance from the apartment that she rent to the hospital is required only 10-minute walk. In the beginning, she needed to go by car, but now she can walk by her own, even go for a walk in the sky garden on the 6thfloor of the hospital.

On October 29, Lin Lan was discharged after undergoing 3 treatment courses. CT scan revealed that her tumor has already disappeared, and sore skin has been repaired. She is capable of walking without any assistance. Her sister took her back to Hongkong with joy.

As we know, cancer is not a win-loss battle. Although cancer cannot be cured completely at present, many advanced cancer patients still can survive with cancer and have high life quality. Thus, as per advanced cancer, be positive and don’t give up!

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