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Will Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands Become Breast Cancer?


Hyperplasia of mammary glands is a common disease in women. When women are diagnosed with hyperplasia, they will be concerned about whether it will develop into breast cancer or not. Oncologist from Clifford Hospital explainsboth diseases are caused by stimulation of estrogen towards the breast tissues. However, breast cancer belongs to malignant proliferation, while breast hyperplasia, a kind of pathological hyperplasia, is neither a inflammation nor a cancer, manifesting symptoms including breast pain, distension, tenderness.

Actually it is a benign disease that has very low risk to develop into cancer. However, it should not be neglected. Oncologist from Clifford Hospital indicates thatsome cases of severe atypical hyperplasia are easy to confuse with breast cancerbecause they sometimes occur simultaneously. From the section specimen of breast cancer, hyperplasia is often found.

Some early stage of breast cancer will be misdiagnosed as hyperplasia, which often occurs in unprofessional clinic or hospital. And data show the misdiagnosis rate is up to 12% to 16%. So, it is advised women to take examination in a professional hospital and get correct diagnosis.

Oncologist from Clifford Hospital reminds you to correctlyunderstandaboutbreast hyperplasiaand please don’t worry too much about it. Furthermore, regular breast check-ups including mammary infrared scanning, mammography, breast self-examination before and after period are recommended. If anyabnormal condition occurs, such as breast lump, unusual nipple discharge,etc, please see a doctor to get diagnosis as soon as possible.

Besides, as for early stage breast cancer, oncologist from Clifford Hospital recommends natural therapies such as hyperthermia, ozone therapy, chelation therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion to enhance sensitivity to chemotherapyand prevent relapse and metastasis. And, for middle and advanced cancer patients whose immunity becomes extremely poor, non-toxic integrative treatment is recommended to boost anticancer ability in the body, which is more effective to prolong survival time and improve life qualityof patients than chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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